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June for Slack - Instant analytics, right in Slack | Product Hunt

Receive metrics without lifting a finger

Need to know how many active users you have each day? Each week? If users are engaging with a new feature you just released? June provides an effortless and collaborative way to make this data available to your entire team.

Receive metrics ➡

Celebrate when milestones are hit

Be notified in 🔴 live when a milestone is hit. For instance when user:
- sign up
- upgrade plan upgrade
- invite colleague

Celebrate milestones ➡

Rally your team behind your metrics

Connect June to your favourite team channel and get everyone's eyes on your current metrics. No more digging into your dashboard! Data for All 💪

Rally behind metrics ➡

Get your metrics in Slack
in 3 minutes

Rally your team behind your numbers, without lifting a finger.

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